Transcultural and Historical Research

Prof. Johannes Reichmayr E-Mail (CV) & Dr. Stephan Steiner E-Mail (CV)

This study group is integral part of the respective Department of Transcultural and Historical Research in Psychotherapy at SFU. It is concerned with exploring human consciousness and unconscious in its social, cultural and historical context. It carries out research on the historical development of the psyche and psychotherapy. A new focus of SFU collaboration is a lecture exchange and common project with Prof. Geoffrey Blowers from the University of Hong Kong in China.

Students may choose subjects for their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in line with the Department members’ core research fields which include: history of psychoanalysis (inlcuding biographical research), anthropology, ethnospsychoanalysis, history of mentalities, field research in Western Africa, psychopathology concepts in different countries.

Current project with open student positions:
China-Austria project cirlce, in cooperation with Prof. Geoff Blowers (Hongkong University).
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Johannes Reichmayr, PhD, university lecturer, psychologist, psychoanalyst  and historian of science studied psychology at the University of Salzburg.  He is a research associate of Igor A. Caruso at the University of Salzburg  and of Klaus Ottomeyer at the University of Klagenfurt.  Numerous publications on the history of the psychoanalytic movement and  ethno-psychoanalysis. Johannes Reichmayr lives in Vienna.

Stephan Steiner, PhD, historian, philologist and essayist studied German philology and political sciences at the University of Vienna. His core research  areas are the history of deportation and the Holocaust. Editor of the political  writings of Jean Améry (Vol. 7 of his Selected Works).  His latest publication is “Ruanda”, a special issue of the magazine “Wespennest”, Vienna 2006; and “Reisen ohne Wiederkehr. Die Deportation  von Protestanten aus Kärnten 1734–1736”, Vienna/Munich 2006 – Journeys without return. The deportation of protestants from Carinthia 1734–1736. Stephan Steiner lives in Vienna.

Christine Korischek (description follows soon)

Department Members and Research Coordinators:

Gerhard Kubik, PhD, associate professor, ethnologist, cultural anthropologist, music ethnologist, psychoanalyst and musician studied ethnology at the University of Vienna and has conducted field research in 18 African countries since 1959, in Brazil since 1974 and in the United States since 1981. He lives in Vienna and Malawi.

Moya Malamusi, PhD, ethnologist, cultural anthropologist and musician studied ethnology, cultural and social anthropology at the University of Vienna. He is director of the Oral Literature Research Programme, Chileka, Malawi and lecturer at the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg. His core research areas are traditional healing practices and witchcraft in East and South-East Africa. Moya Malamusi lives in Vienna and Malawi.

Elke Mühlleitner, M.Sc. , PhD, psychologist and historian of science, studied psychology at the University of Vienna and completed the Psychoanalytic Studies Program at the New School for Social Research in New York. Publications on the scientific history of psychology, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Elke Mühlleitner lives in Gießen, Germany.

Prof. Geoff Blowers (description follows soon)