Research at Sigmund Freud University

The Sigmund Freud University is dedicated to a rigorous research programme at the level of both its faculty and students. Research opportunities are numerous and allow for both qualitative methodology, quantitative methodology and secondary, historical or meta-analyses. Faculty research interests are diverse and include such topics as Hoarding, Ethnopsychoanalytic studies in China and Africa, the Development of Psychotherapy Trainees, Historical and Biographical Research on Psychotherapy Development in Europe, the Hermeneutic Study of different Therapy Schools, Fine Arts, Spousal Adjustment Research and Helpful and Hindering Factors in the Psychotherapeutic Process. Please browse our faculty research pages (on the left navigation sidebar) to become more familiar with specific projects and contact the respective project coordinator for more information directly.

If you want to know more about our exclusive training in qualitative research methods at SFU, visit the qualitative research lab pages.

Students at Sigmund Freud University conduct independent, supervised research projects at every stage of their education. Students working on their BA, MA and PHD theses can join an existing research group (see the list below) or hand in an exposé for a unique research project. Individualised support is provided to accommodate a wide range of student interests. Research methodology, qualitative research workshops and statistics courses are a mandatory part of the academic curriculum. We also offer these courses during the Summer School.

Download a comprehensive list of active research groups in the International Programmes at SFU

Accordingly, the navigation on the left side of this homepage will give you more detailed information on each research group in the International Programmes.

All empirical research projects at SFU Vienna are approved by our ethics commission. Useful information and forms for the ethics application can be found in the student info area.

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