The SFU Ethics Commission

The Sigmund Freud Private University has established an ethics commission as the audit body in charge of ethical issues of research projects.

Tasks of the Ethics Commission:
The ethics commission has to examine and then provide a written assessment as to whether research projects in which people are involved may affect the data protection, physical or mental integrity, the right to privacy or other personal rights or overriding interests of the persons involved.
When research projects include animals in a way that goes beyond mere observation, the ethics commission has to assess whether the safety and welfare of the animals as well as the observance of the animal protection laws are reasonably assured. The ethics commission is not responsible for the compliance with the rules of ethics in the psychotherapy practice work of the students, unless this work happens to be the focus of a research project.

Empirical Theses:
By resolution of the studies commission (October 3, 2012), any empirical theses are to be assessed by the ethics commission with regard to whether they comply with the rules of research ethics. For this reason, any planned research project has to be submitted to the ethics commission in advance. Implementation of an empirical thesis is only permitted after a positive assessment of the ethics commission.
From the winter semester 2012 on, this applies to any empirical theses that involve people or animals.

Univ. Brigitte Sindelar (chairperson)
Univ.Prof. Dr. Giselher Guttmann Jutta Fiegl

Dear students,

We are pleased to inform you that the online submission system for applications to the Ethics Commission of SFU is now finished and ready for use. Further information is available at SFU Research Website - Ethics Commission (English).

Online submission offers a number of simplifications in handling applications for research projects and theses to the Ethics Commission:

- Applications are submitted online on the site provided
- Entry masks facilitate the proper creation of an application to the Ethics Commission. Thus handing in a paper version of an application at SFU office is no longer required.
- Making an application is possible at any time and from any location.
- If revision or supplement to the application is needed on demand of the Ethics Commission the applicant will be contacted by mail, the applicant can do the revision or deliver supplement also online.
- The approval of the application is also sent by mail and can be printed out.
- The system is encrypted according to high security standards and forgery-resistant.

You can find illustrated instructions on how to apply and on application processing as well as the access data (which you of course are not allowed to pass on) on SFU website in the area "Studierende” (LogIn required) in the subarea: “English Program/SFU Ethics Commission“ (Guide to graduation). Please observe these instructions before you submit an application!
For further questions please contact

(Members of the Ethics Commission)