Qualitative Research Lab

Dr. Kathrin Mörtl E-Mail (CV) & students

 In this research lab we aim to boldly go where  no man has gone before - or at least, we try to
 explore phenomena in the field of psychotherapy
 that are yet to be explored and understood.
 The research lab consists of students that are
 being supervised in their qualitative method
 design by Dr. Kathrin Mörtl.

 The lab also welcomes guests who are interested to learn about the qualitative attitude (reflected in the methodology) and specific tools (data collection and analysis methods, computer software) that help the researchers to care out and uncover the meaning of a phenomenon of interest. The research lab works on manifold topics, focusing on the following methods:

Narrative Interview (Schütze) & Semi-structured interviews
Grounded Theory (application of various versions: Strauss & Corbin, Glaser, Rennie)
Qualitative Content Analysis (Mayring)
Discursive and Conversational strategies (Lucius-Höne & Depperman, Schütze)
Assimilation of Problematic Experiences Scale (Stiles)
Narrative Process Coding System (Angus, Levitt, Boritz)

Besides the lectures offered in the regular
curriculum at SFU (Scientific Research
Methods, Qualitative Research Methods),
members of the lab receive training in the above
methods, as well as in the computer program
Atlas.ti that assists the research process.
The concept of the lab-work reflects a new
teaching and supervising strategy: students pair
up and support each other in their analyses, while also being involved in regular lab meetings with their supervisor.
Integral part of the work is to organize excursions (to the libraries, conferences and interesting talks) to engage in a scientific world that the students are growing to be a part of.
For more information, please contact kathrin.moertl@sfu.ac.at


List of current lab members and projects List_lab.pdf
Selected powerpoint slides of the qualitative research lectures Quali_Handouts.pdf
Great examples for qualitative Poster Presentations: www.qualitative-forschung.de
Society for Psychotherapy Research (the important international community)
Researchgate (networking and collaborating with researchers online)
web.psychosozial-verlag.de Journal: Psychotherapie und Sozialwissenschaft. Zeitschrift für qualitative Forschung
www.qualitative-research.net Forum Qualitative Social Research (free online journal, great archives)

Selected articles as pdf (for a full list of publications please check Kathrin Mörtl‘s CV)

.. Wie wird Veränderung in der Psychotherapieforschung gemessen? Ein Plädoyer für triangulierende Forschung. download pdf
.. Integrative Trends in der Psychotherapieforschung: Das 41st International Meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research. download pdf
.. Gender Constructions of Male Sex Offenders in Germany: Narrative Analysis from Group Psychotherapy. download pdf
.. Gruppen-zwischen-Räume(n). Eine qualitative Studie zum therapeutischen Transfer zwischen Tagesklinik und Zuhause. download pdf
.. Client Experiences of Helpful Factors in a Day Treatment Program. download pdf