Tuition Fees for the Summer Term 2012*

*only for new applications.

Bachelor’s Degree Program:
EUR 6.300,- per semester

Master’s Degree Programme:
EUR 6.830,- per semester

Tuition payment is due at commencement of term, or can be paid on a monthly schedule.

Enrollement fee:
A non refundable payment of € 500,- is necessary to secure the enrollement procedure.

Tuition fees include:

1. Theoretical coursework
2. Major share of costs for self-awareness training
3. Supervision
4. Practical training at the University Outpatient Clinic
5. Examination fees

Tuition fees are charged for the standard programme duration (Bachelor’s Degree: 6 semesters, Master’s Degree: 4 semesters, Doctoral Programme 6 Semesters).
The total costs of studying at SFU will not increase in case a student’s studies are extended by one year.

Tax Deductions

In line with the Austrian income tax law, students may deduct the total expenses of their study courses from their taxes if the degree programmes are rated as professional reorientation (Umschulungsmaßnahme) or continuing education (Weiterbildungsmaßnahme).

Study Grants

With regard to study grants, students at SFU are subject to the same conditions as students studying at Austrian state universities. We would be happy to provide you with details on various study grants.