Hermeneutic Therapy Schools Research

Dr. Kurt Greiner E-Mail (CV) & Dr. Martin Jandl E-Mail (CV)

Beside the important research endeavours fostered by SPR and done within the therapy schools, the research focal point of the Hermeneutic Therapy Schools Research is laid on the non-modality-specific, theory based analysis of modalities. This is set in work by application of the so called Therapy Schools Dialogue (TSD) and the intertwined philosophical analysis of modalities. TSD confronts two modalities in order to work out the implicitly working assumptions within the respective modality, and the philosophical analysis brings these insights in contact to well-known philosophical theories (e.g.., Freud’s psychoanalysis to Schopenhauer’s metaphysics of the will, Perls’ Gestalt theory to Sartre’s existentialism, etc).

BA, MA, and PhD students can contribute to our scholarly work if they are interested and prepared to work highly theoretically in order to gain practically valid outcomes (this seemingly contradiction in terms is one of the stunning corner stones of TSD).