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Fire Safety Regulations for the Sigmund Freud Privatuniversity Vienna

The following Fire Safety Regulations provide important instructions for how to avoid endangering your health and property in the event of a fire, and how to prevent fire damage. The Fire Safety Regulations also provide instructions for what to do in case of fire, as well as describe the range of obligations and responsibilities of individuals with respect to fire safety.
Obligation to Cooperate
3.1 All members of the University, the Outpatient Clinic, the EAP and the WCP, as well as all residents of the premises on Floors 8, 9 & 10, and all other persons active in the University, are obligated to familiarise themselves with, and to abide by the FSR.
The chief/director/leader of each organizational unit (or meeting taking place on university premises) is responsible for making this information known to other members.

Fire Safety Regulations (pdf)

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