Training Research

Dr. Jutta Fiegl E-Mail (CV) & Dr. Kathrin Mörtl E-Mail (CV)

The academic education in Psychotherapy Sciences at SFU Vienna offers a unique opportunity to study the process of our psychotherapy students in their training stage. How do psychotherapists develop? How do we teach psychotherapeutic practice at university and are students satisfied with this model? What is a good psychotherapist and how can we examine this in the academic context? Accordingly, what are criteria to judge qualification and maturity?

Collaborative partners:
Alojzija Terbuc, Dr. Omar Gelo, Igor Okorn, Ansis Jurgis Stabignis, Dr. Brigitte Sindelar,
Dr. Thomas Stephenson, Prof. Bernd Rieken and a group of creative and interested students (see their names and projects below).

Pilot phase 2010-2012 (finished)
Pilot Study Training Research.pdf

- interview study with teachers and students (semi-structured narrative interview)
- questionnaire study with students (EKF emotional competence, NEO-FFI, Rorschach tests)

Cross-sectional study 2012 (in process: students welcome to join!)

- interview study with students: focus on maturity and development, systematic interviewing of students in B5/B6 (starting work with patients) and M4 (finishing the training)
- questionnaire study with students: DPCCQ (Orlinsky et al) therapists development, systematic data collection throughout the whole student population in the programme

Longitudinal study starting in 2013 (planned, students welcome to join!)
- the above described systematic data collection and analysis with the DPCCQ is going to be extended to a longitudinal design, accompanying our students over the whole training process.

Relating individual student research projects (2009 to 2012)
Igor Okorn (PHD): Expectations of training therapists (Slovenian sample)
(link to work coming soon)
Ekaterina (BA): The luck oft he young psychotherapist (link to work coming soon)
Caterina Wilcek (MA): Kriterien zur Wahl der Psychotherapeutischen Schule und Zufriedenheit der Studierenden (link to work coming soon)
Ivana Dragic (MA): Multicultural Counseling Competences (link to work coming soon)
Doris-Lucia Luger (BA): Die Beobachtungssituation (Therapeut-Patient-Student Setting) im Einzelgespräch (link to work coming soon)