Academic Calendar

The Academic Year at SFU consists of two main Semesters, which we call the Winter Semester and the Summer Semester. The Winter Semester begins in October and ends in January. The Summer Semester begins in March and ends in June. Students enjoy a long intersemester break in the winter for independent study and travel, that lasts for the entire month of February. Summer vacation is from July through August, and during this time SFU also runs its International Summer School. Shorter breaks for Christmas and Easter take place during the Winter and Summer semesters.

Winter term 2015/16

Time for inscription:1st of June till 15th of October 2015
Semester starts: 1st of September 2015
Lecture starts: 1st of October 2015
Christmas break: 23rd of December 2015 till 6th of January 2016
Semester ends: 31st of January 2016

Summer term 2016:

Time for inscription: 1st of December 2015 till 31st of January 2016
Semester starts: 1st of February 2016
Lecture break: 30th of January 2016 till 7th of February 2016
Lecture starts: 8th of February 2016
Easter break: 19th of March till 29th of March 2016
Mini-Break: 14th till 17th of May 2016
Semester Ends: 9th of July 2016
Summer break: 10th of July till 31st of August 2016

Academic Calendar 2015/16 (pdf)

Academic Calendar 2016/17 (pdf)