Admission Requirements

Baccalaureate Programme Requirements

a university entrance qualification, such as an Austrian secondary school leaving certificate (Matura), an Austrian vocational certificate (Berufsreifeprüfung), or a foreign equivalent, such as a High School Diploma.

a university entrance examination (Studienberechtigungsprüfung, SATs, A-Levels, or equivalent)

Candidates must undergo two admission interviews held by two of SFU’s permanent scientific staff, and they must participate in an admission seminar.

The two scientific staff members and the seminar leader decide on a candidate’s admission.


Requirements for Graduate Programmes

Completion of the Baccalaureate Programme at SFU or completion of an equivalent and related Austrian or international university degree.

The advisory committee decides on whether candidates’ previously completed degrees are to be rated as equivalent and related. In consultation with the academic staff for the SFU Baccalaureate Degree Programme, committee members are empowered to require applicants’ attendance of certain courses from the Baccalaureate Degree Programme.

Successful attendance of two admission interviews with two academic staff members. These interviews are designed to familiarize applicants with the requirements of the degree programme and to assess their aptitude for the programme and the profession.

Successful participation in a seminar which is intended to explore applicants’ personality and aptitude in even greater detail.