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East European versus West European Mentalities:
Can We Hope to Understand One Another?

19-22 March, 2009
Sigmund Freud University, Vienna

Konferenz Informationen in Deutsch:
Osteuropäische versus westeuropäische Mentalitäten / Einladung (pdf)
Konferenzprogramm (pdf)

Conference information in English:
East European versus West European Mentalities Conference Info / Invitation (pdf)
East European versus West European Mentalities / Conference Programme (pdf)

Conference information in Russian:
Conference information in Russian / Invitation (pdf)
Conference information in Russian / Programme (pdf)

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The goal of this conference is to host an international forum for the discussion of an increasingly important topic in contemporary European society: the differences in East European versus West European mentalities. By the term “mentalities,” we mean: ways of thinking, feeling, experiencing the world, relating to other individuals and to society, and any other element that characterizes our inner world. As the world grows more globalised and there are more and more interactions between persons and institutions of different nations, such comparisons become important.

Vienna provides the perfect location and opportunity to host such a discussion because of its unique and crucial position as a gateway between Eastern and Western Europe. There is much to see: From Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Imperial Palace to the Art Nouveau splendor of the Secession, from the magnificent baroque palace Schönbrunn to the Museum of Fine Arts to modern architecture at the Museums Quartier, Sigmund Freud Museum, castle Belvedere, Zoo and shopping streets.

Rich cultural program: state reception at the town hall, museums, castles, concerts, the zoo, Vienese forest, trade streets and vicinity awaits you in Vienna.

Conference Languages:
Presentations will be given in English, and partially in German and Russian.

Abstract Submissions:
Please submit abstracts of 500 words or less by 1st December, 2008, via email,
to Ekaterina Makarova at ekaterina.makarova@sfu.ac.at.
Abstracts may be in English, German, or Russian. Please be sure to include your name, contact information and institutional affiliation.

Conference Fees and Accommodations:
The cost of attending the conference is 200€. For students - € 100. We can accept your tuition through the bank transfer, or in cash during the conference. Participants may choose to stay at a 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star hotel in the area. Conference fees, accommodations and travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
We have selected some links for accommodation:
http://www.austria-hotels.at/Prinz Eugen

Working Group Contacts:
Ekaterina Makarova, Coordinator: ekaterina.makarova@sfu.ac.at
Mag Anna Schor-Tschudnowskaja, German&Russian-speakers Liaison: anna.schor-tschudnowskaja@sfu.ac.at
Prof Alfred Pritz, Director: alfred.pritz@sfu.ac.at

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